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September 5, 2015

Morning Fog.

This morning, we woke up to a world covered in thick fog. Okay, so maybe not the entire world but for us, it was the world outside our windows. It was eery, spooky and just a bit unnerving to look out and not be ale to see across the yard. Even though I had slept all night, I did want to curl back under the covers and stay snuggled. But I had a couple of counselling appointments to attend to, so up I got. I can usually bath in the morning sunlight without turning any lights on but today, I did have to turn them on. When I left the house, the fog hadn't lifted all out, making it a very "interesting" drive into town. Wish I could have captured the mood and the sights but I really needed to concentrate to make my way safely down the trail. Once I got to my centre, it was quite a bit lighter and by midday, it had all disappeared. I'm sure now that the weather is turning, we'll have more foggy mornings ahead. Hope not too many!

Out our one bedroom window.

The one pic I stopped to take ~ our neighbor's house.
Can you see it, hidden away behind the fog?


Penny said...

We are having lots of misty mornings too Chy,,as the seasons turn. I rather like it, though I agree not much fun to drive in X

Chy said...

I love it too, so mysterious and actually quite pretty. But driving in it is a different story!