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September 21, 2015


Our next door neighbors have a huge garden.
And they have gifted us a ton of veggies.
Thankfully, we are veg~a~holics but we
still have lots leftover. So it was time for action.

Too many cucumbers? What to do?
Let's learn how to pickle!!

First, find a great recipe. We found
many and all were the same, so we
chose the one that seemed the easiest
to follow along. Washed our jars out.

Washed, then cut up the cukes into
spears and circles. Should make 4 jars.

Mixed up crushed, fresh garlic, organic dill
weed, a pickling spice and red pepper flakes. 

Spicy but not hot.

Filled 6 jars with round cucumbers,
tall spears and sliced carrots for fun.

Made up the brine of pickling vinegar
and coarse salt, boiled the poured in the jars.

And finally, the end product. Currently cooling
but soon will be refrigerated for 48 hours. Then
we can open them up and enjoy our hard work.
These will last several weeks. Now that we've
done a bit experimenting in food preservation,
it may soon be time to invest in canning products.

Have you ever tried making your own pickles?
Did you venture into other food preservation?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Good for you for making pickles! You will probably like them better than things you can buy.I have pickled all kinds of things, radishes, cauliflower, brussels spouts, kumquats, grapes...the odder the more I like to try it. I've made and canned all kinds of jelly and jam and have also done water bath canning with high acid foods. I even bought a pressure canner, but have not tried it yet. I have researched it, but I learn best by watching it done and even though I have watched about 5o youtube videos I am still intimidated by it.

Penny said...

Oh fab! I love making preserves. I haven't made pickled vegetables, but make jam and jelly, and chutneys etc. it is so satisfying. X

Chy said...

We had a great time making these Anne. Now I'd like to invest in a pressure cooker but haven't been able to find one locally yet. May have to order online.

Have a great week!!

Chy said...

I'd love to learn how to make jam next Penny. I'm sure we'd love that process just as much!