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September 6, 2015

Our Dollhouse Project.

Just after we moved into our new house, I was offered the opportunity to purchase a dollhouse kit to make a dollhouse from the ground up. We already have 2 other dollhouses that we'll be restoring, once our art studio is finished and we have the room to do some major reconstruction. I jumped at the chance to tackle this project, a challenging one, as I'm new to the dollhouse world as an adult. I had several dollhouses as child but none had to be built or restored. To start this from a kit was a challenge I was ready for and couldn't wait to start. The build part was frustrating at times, as all the pieces wouldn't always fit. I'd have to rework and rework, cutting and gluing. But in the end, it came together. The next step is to prime and get the dollhouse ready for all the trimwork, then time to decorate. 

On this long weekend, full of rain and tons of
strong winds, dh captured me finishing up the trim.

All done, now on to the priming and painting.

The blue is lovely but too dark for my taste.

A view of the inside. So many rooms!

I didn't like that there were some gaps in the
corners, so I used drywall compound to fill them in.

The attic. This little spot should be fun to decorate.

Tomorrow's post will show the priming that we
finished up tonight, on this rainy and stormy day.

How was your long weekend Sunday?
Did you work on any projects this weekend?


Sonya Ann said...

You are so very talented. The best that I could do is spray paint an old table. I don't have much to offer in the way of talent. LOL

Chy said...

Ah, thank you Sonya Ann. I love art and creating and taking on this dollhouse project has been fun so far. Looking forward to be done with the "renovations" so I can start the "decorating"!

Penny said...

I love that you are so settled now in your new house, and can start to focus on hobbies and artistic interests again. This project looks amazing. I never had a doll"s house growing up, but I think I would have liked one. Look forward to seeing what you do with it! X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! We really want to decorate and hang pictures but have to wait for the painter to come back to do the touch ups, so for now, we'll decorate this little house. Lots of fun!