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September 12, 2015

The Dollhouse is Primed!

It was a big job, but we finally did it!

The dollhouse, once blue, is now white.

Just primer but it's giving us a clean slate.

Looks almost "ghost like" now.

And the inside. Now we have to choose colors.

What colors do you think we should paint the outside?
Or even the inside? We cherish your ideas!


Penny said...

What a difference! I thought it looked quite nice blue but I much prefer the white! I can't begin to think what colours you should paint the inside, I suppose it depends how you are going to furnish it etc, town style, country style, grand, or cosy. Look forward to seeing this project develop X

Chy said...

I'm so looking forward to painting it the colors we finally chose. I may even start later today. And promise to post pictures!