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September 19, 2015

A Warm Welcome.

When we bought our land 14 years ago, on a cold winter's night, we were told by the realtor and later by the neighbors that an annual BBQ, along with a huge bonfire, was held each summer. Over the years, as we visited our little piece of heaven and as we dreamed of one day having a home there, we also would talk about attending the bonfire each year. Our neighbor came to visit a few days after we moved in and told us that they hadn't done a bonfire the year before as the resident who planned all the events in our country subdivision had moved away. I was a bit sad to learn that something we were looking forward to, a small event that we knew would help us get to know our new neighbors was no longer something we could count on. But last Saturday, that all changed. A neighbor we hadn't met arrived at our front door, on her bike. to greet us, add our names to the master list of residents and extend an invitation to the "new" annual BBQ, along with a huge bonfire. We immediately said "Yes"! As the newest residents and as the final home to be built in the subdivision, she felt it was time to bring back the event so that we could meet everyone else. So glad she created this evening.

So tonight, after all our work was done, we walked over to the big field, freshly baked cookies in our arms to add to the desert table and happy smiles on our faces. 

We were greeted by the organizing neighbor and she introduced us to the others. It was a very warm welcome and we felt embraced by the genuine reception from everyone. Moving is never easy and it can feel so isolating but after tonight, I know our choice to move out here was clearly correct and we are finally HOME!!

Leaving the site, after lots of visiting, we walked back down the quiet lane with our new neighbors and their baby son. Invitations were extended on both sides to visit and we walked in to our new home feeling very accepted by this community. Can't wait for next year!

The tiny moon over the trees.

Do you live in a community of welcoming neighbors?
Does it feel safe, friendly and engaging?


Anne in the kitchen said...

What a wonderful way to get all the neighbors acquainted with each other!

Penny said...

So happy to hear this and isn't it great to have a go-getting person in the community who organises events like this. Fire and food- no wonder you felt so welcome! All helps you to feel at home X

Chy said...

It was a great time Anne. And now we feel quite at home.

Chy said...

We're really looking forward to next year's event. So happy there is a great organizer in our estate.