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July 31, 2015

Morning Sun.

Love the sun in the late afternoon
but my favorite is first thing in the
morning. The promise of a new day
is even better when it starts with sun!

How is your day looking today?
Is it sunny or gloomy?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Today is sunny and very hot, but not humid so there are no complaints here. I love both the morning and the late afternoon sun. I am headed to the lake and will get to watch sunset over the water. Hopefully the full moon will trail over the lake also!

Chy said...

Enjoy the full moon at the lake Anne. Hopefully the weather will still be sunny and warm there!

Penny said...

Cool and showery here Chy, but a little bit of sun too. The light looks so beautiful shining in through your lovely oval window x

Chy said...

We'd had quite a mix of rain and sun this summer. A few big storms and lots of hot days. Thanks for your comment on our oval windows, Penny. They are quite sweet!