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July 12, 2015

Beach Memories.

We grew up spending our summers at the beach.
Our grandparents had a family cabin that we visited.
My parents would bring us out after school ended in
June & we'd stay until the end of August. Bliss!

My dh & I had a few hours before our show on
Friday, so we took a trek out to the beach.

A brush fire had just started & later in the day,
made the evening news. Very scary!

Right by the train tracks. Maybe a train spark?

Driving away from the fire.

The beach emerges from the tiny town.

My favorite spot where the waves crash together.

The big pier, on a quiet, but very hot day.

Crossing waves.

Cooling off at the pointe.

Loved the crashing waves cooling me down.

Sea weed & soft sand.

Sinking feet.

Footsteps in the sand.

The pointe, with a bit of the pier showing. An hour
after taking this shot, the beach was crowded.

Sailboat doing a lazy dance across the water.

A lone seagull walking along the waves.

Do you have beach memories from your childhood?


Hawaii Planner said...

Absolutely! I grew up in Washington, and we spend lots of summer weekends at the Washington & Oregon coast. Now we have a vacation house on the coast, and it's my favorite destination. Love it!

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting! We'd love a little cottage over looking the ocean. One day!!

Penny said...

My childhood holiday memories are mostly land locked, but we lived in the far north of Scotland for some years, and on a sunny summers day we sometimes went to the beaches along the north coast. They were amazing, and pretty much deserted.

Chy said...

Sounds like a great place to visit Penny!