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July 24, 2015

Well, that was a busy day!

Fridays are often a quiet day for me, a time to catch up, a time to meet new families, a time to reflect & a time to rejuvenate my body & my soul. I love Friday for all it can be & often is. But today was different & my body is definitely protesting from the physical work that went in to today. 

So what made it a busier than usual day? Well, to start, I was up & ready to shower at 6:40 a.m., a whole hour earlier than my usual wake up call. I had to be up early to let our cabinet guys in (the lovely Irish gentlemen) & to rearrange some of my appointments so I could be on hand while they worked to get the last few items completed. While they worked, I did the following:

* booked new times for families & answered email & calls that had come in
* while I waited for return emails & calls, I unpacked the china for our dining room
* to treat our workers, I made a couple of apple cakes ~ photos to follow
* waited for then had to re~negotiate a UPS delivery time, now set for Monday
* drove back to the old house to let the piano guys in, then drove them out to the new house
* set the piano up once the delivery was complete ~ it's so pretty!
* went & picked up the mail & the Friday local paper
* did our banking & sent a few personal & work emails

We ate dinner after everyone was gone, enjoying the warm sun & the chirping birds. So peaceful out here. Tonight, I'm tired & achy but feel so good that our house is almost complete & our belongings are almost all unpacked. A few more boxes to go! Then we can truly enjoy it all. 

How was your Friday?
Was it busy or relaxed?


Penny said...

A busy day for you Chy! You are doing very well with all your unpacking, it is such a big job x

Chy said...

Thanks Penny. It's a big job but we're actually getting quite a bit unpacked, more than I thought we would at this point.