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July 21, 2015

Building a dollhouse from scratch.

Look what we found!! Our 4th dollhouse
to add to our little collection. To date,
we haven't done any work on any of
them. Our real house build was first.

Now that our build is done & we've
moved home, it's time to start to get
truly serious about fixing these great
structures up. Only one is brand new.

As we're new to the craft, we're learning as
we go. Laying out the pieces was the easy part.

Putting them together is a bit more challenging.
Not everything fits together perfectly. I've already
made some adjustments, like moving this brace
down a few mm to better fit with the flooring.

Now the floor that will rest there will be
lined up much better & provide an even base.

We've come across an issue that I'm not
yet sure how to fix ~ a window is crooked!

As a perfectionist, this is driving me crazy.
Fingers crossed we can figure out how to
take it apart & get it lined up. I'd hate to
always look at it if it wasn't right. 

Any projects you are working on?
Did you have a dollhouse as a child?


Gill - That British Woman said...

love the look of doll houses, but never actually ever had one.

Chy said...

I had a few small ones as a child ~ mostly Fisher Price and cardboard box ones my mom and I made together.