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July 28, 2015

Wild Garden.

Now that we've lived in our little cottage in the big woods for a couple of weeks, it was time to start exploring what's outside our front door. And what have we discovered? A jungle of wild plants, weeds, flowers & berries. Not sure what everything is & I'm hoping the book I packed last summer will soon find it's way into our hands so we can research the names of each. For now, we'll take pictures so we can remember what we've found. 

Lots of growth in the forest.

Wild raspberries ~ so good!!

Pretty sunshine filtering through the trees.

White berries. Any thoughts?

Cedar chips smell so lovely!!

Tiny pink & white flowers.

Something that is a darker shade of pink. 

Where I'd love to hang the hammock.

Rocks for our "rock garden".

And that is all for now. A bit of a sneek peak
at our little forest surrounding our big cottage.

Any ideas of what we've captured?
Feel free to send along your thoughts.


Delia West said...

What a treasure of a place every day you will find something different in your beautiful surroundings especially when the light changes. Its beautiful. Enjoy your new home, dee :-)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Beautiful foliage! I know you will love spending time exploring.