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July 30, 2015


I was recently asked to speak at a week long
workshop at the university for those who wish 
to explore or work with the bereavement
field. It was an honor to not just teach what I
know but to also be reunited with the two
creators of the program I manage. 

It was an honor because both of these
amazing individuals invested a lot in
putting this program "out there|. Then,
when they left to pursue post secondary
education and other opportunities, they
gifted the program to me. That was over
ten years ago. Since then, we've worked
hard to expand and redefine the concepts.

To present with both of them watching
was a thrill. Days like this are a dream!

Do you have a dream that has been achieved?
Do you ever have days like this day? 


Penny said...

Congratulations on such a special day Chy, I am sure your presentation was fantastic. I miss those work-related achievements since I left work to be a stay-at-home mum, but also love to be at home with my boys. I do occasionally think that my footprint on this earth will be like dust in the wind though, I won't have achieved anything very important X

Penny said...
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Chy said...

It was a good day. But I want to tell you how important you are and how important your job is. No one can do better than a momma raising her kids. I was home for over 20 years with our kids and have absolutely no regrets about that time. When your kids are older, your focus will switch from raising them to making a difference in the world but in the meantime, you'll have raised amazing kids and that is achieving a lot. Don't discount yourself or your place in the world. We need momma's like you!! XXXXXXXXXX

Chy said...

P.S. You're my new hero Penny!! It's a tough job but you're doing it!!