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July 16, 2015

Even on a rainy day ....

.... we can look at any window in our house
& see the beautiful trees that surround us.

We'll have been in our home officially an
entire 3 weeks tomorrow. But it feels like
we've lived here all our lives. I can even
walk through the house in the dark at night.

What do you see out your windows in the rain?
Are you surrounded by trees & nature?


Penny said...

You sound so happy Chy! I am thrilled for you. When I look out my kitchen window I see a small park opposite, and beyond that, the old school, now a community centre for our village. Our back and side windows look onto our back garden, which is bounded by trees and a tall hedge, so we are fortunate that we have comparative privacy. We have a small road going past the house, so lots of joggers, dog walkers, people walking home, people on bicycles, and quite a few on horseback, go past our house daily, as well as cars. For a house 20 minutes away from the major city of Glasgow, we have a lot of green round us, so are very fortunate. X

Chy said...

What a great description of what you see Penny. I can visualize your beautiful scene. Thanks for sharing!