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January 15, 2013

Living on an Island!

We've dreamed about living here http://saltspringtourism.com/since we were 18 years old. At that time, we listened to our parents, the wise individuals that they were, who at that time strongly encouraged us NOT to move here if we were going to have a family. With no University on the island, many kids grow up then move away. Why, oh why, did we listen to them?
How ironic that we live in a community now without a University and so many of our kids grow up then move away!
It used to be a very isolating place, without internet connection, cell phone reception and very high prices for absolutely everything. Now prices, including real estate, gas and groceries have become more reasonable and sometimes are even cheaper. For what our house and our land is worth in Alberta, we can buy a comparable home here or even cheaper, with more land. Wireless internet is here, Shaw has a full slate of tv channels and cell phone reception is just as good as at home. We can order anything we want and it will be shipped here. Shopping is local, with small shops carrying their own goods. There was a Mark's Work Wearhouse but that just closed in the fall. No Starbucks, no mall, no commercialism. A full service hospital, restaurants, movie theatre with the most current films, tons of activities to do, a very active Arts Council, theatre, yoga, any creative medium you can think of and very friendly, laid back residents. Love it!!
Our current plan is to continue to come out here several times a year, to stay at "our cottage" and then eventually find our own place. We will still keep a place in Alberta at the beginning, then once we're ready to completely give up our current jobs, which we both love and can't imagine doing, then we'll pack it in and be here full time. For now, the best of both worlds seems like a good plan.
We're almost done our winter trip. It's been warm, with a bit of rain here and there and some fog, along with some sun. But truly, as long as it's not blizzarding like it was back home, we can still hot tub, hike, shop, eat outside, take pictures and enjoy the lifestyle. We've also spent time at our cottage, resting, napping, quilting, writing, baking, eating and even entertaining. Last night, we had our neighbors who own the property down for wine and cheese. We had a great time and are so grateful to know this wonderful couple.
A couple of pictures from our current trip:
Buying fresh fruit at the market
in Ganges.
Moss and creeping grass everywhere.
Tree in the harbor.

Quilting on the window seat.

Trimming quilt blocks.

Midnight snack: berries in fresh, island yogurt.

Boat in the harbor.

Mini creek in Fulford.

My honey walking in the village.

North end of the island. 


Cheapchick said...

Its hard not to love Salt Spring. I live in Comox but haven't been there in a couple of years. The summer farmers market is my favorite.

Chy said...

The summer market is wonderful. We do have at least 3 Farmer's Markets in our current community and more in the big city next door to us but the SSI definitely has its own personality.

Are you settled now? We so want to live here but the thought of moving and trying to become connected in a new place at our age seems huge!

BrittArnhild said...

What a lovely blogf. Thanks for visiting mine and leave your address.

Chy said...

Thank you Britt. I'm really enjoying your blog. Your pictures are amazing! I'm just learning photography and doing a lot of experimenting this trip.

Take care!