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January 28, 2013

Easy Soup!

It snowed all day today.
Big flakes.
Small flakes.
Blowing wind.
Dropping temperatures.
Dh stopped at the store and
picked up the ingredients to make this soup:
I found it on someone's blog.
I wish I could remember whose blog
because this soup was easy to make
 and sooooo tasty!

Perfect for staying home
tonight, cosy and warm.

We added in Turkish Rolls
from Cobs Bread ....

If you had it listed on your blog,
please accept my heartfelt
thank you for sharing it.
Can't wait for leftovers tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh my that soup sounds just right. Thanks for sharing that. I love those recipes which can be made pretty quickly on a work night.

Chy said...

We bought enough ingredients to make a second batch, which might be my task for tomorrow. Cold day again on the horizon, but after tomorrow, a warming trend. Can't wait!