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January 7, 2013

Money Mash Up.

I found this on Simply Stacia and have decided to try it for a bit:
Monday Mash Up for January 7th. Each Monday, post the following questions then link to Stacia's blog. Address: http://simplystaciablogs.wordpress.com/
1. The most money I've spent last week was for groceries. We need to eat, I hate having to pay but it's a fact of life. We have lots in the cupboard and our fridge isn't empty but we love fresh and we often, on a spur of the moment, decide what's for dinner. Meal planning works to a point but for us, at this age, sometimes what we want might be different than what is listed on the menu plan hanging on the fridge! Working on this for this coming year.
2. A low-cost or free thing I did this past week was to bring home the extra art supplies that were donated to our centre. There were a number of items my teachers decided they didn't want or couldn't use that I was in love with. Free!
3.  The one thing I did for another was donate my free time on Friday and Saturday to help clean the centre, get it organized for today's classes and purge what we don't need. I did bring home the art supplies but nothing else and we had just purged our house before Christmas so the items had a place to go and did not create clutter.
4.  Something I really need to accomplish this week is take care of a number of tasks so we can leave on our little holiday on Saturday morning. I need to pay bills, tidy the house (it's still really clean and tidy from Christmas but by the end of the week it'll need a good clean), make sure the families that need counselling while I'm away are booked for when I'm back, make sure the families that want to start the group sessions are booked for when I'm back, answer all my emails and calls, send two letters overseas, send two Christmas/New Years cards to two people who sent cards unexpectedly, take care of one big headache that I haven't written about yet but is scheduled to "go down" on Thursday night at 6 p.m. (wish me luck), finish packing, book our rental car and buy groceries for the girls and the little boy so they don't starve to death when we're gone.
5.  My most favorite thing about winter is doing cozy things inside my warm house on blizzardy days, making yummy comfort food and sleeping in our big bed, full of quilts and comfort, listening to the wind howl outside.
How about you?

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