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January 27, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

Untouched photo I took yesterday,
during our professional photo shoot.
A friend gave me "Company's Coming: Making Cards". I'd like to start using all the scrapbooking materials I've been collecting for years and card making for Valentine's Day looks like a good place to begin my venture. 
Hitchcock's "Sabotage" from 1936. Dh has found a channel that plays old movies on Sunday nights. It's become our routine to snuggle in bed, read, write and watch old movies for a bit before our busy week begins.
Listening To:
The dialogue on the tv and the wind that is starting to pick up outside. Snow is forecast for this week. The last few days we were able to have lighter coats on and the snow was melting in the sun. We even had a professional photo shoot outside yesterday, unheard of in January! Temps this week are going to range from -30 up to +5. Crazy!
Dh made yummy ham with creamed corn for dinner. I put together French Vanilla yogurt with organic sliced fresh strawberries for dessert. And Lavendar cookies for a night time snack.
Happy I accomplished this week:
We moved 3 large cabinets from the basement of our partner next door, a partner that is struggling financially and made the move to an upper floor to save on rent. They had no more room for our cabinets, so we spent almost 8 hours today, taking them apart, moving them upstairs and to our building next door, putting them back together, cleaning out our teacher's office, moving the cabinets in, organizing all the art materials, all the literacy materials, moving a smaller cabinet into the washroom to store the paper products, moved the change table out to be taken home by the family that let us borrow it for now, and finally, do a quick clean of the centre. So tired now but soooooo happy this big task is done. The best part? Our teacher has no idea we did this and she will be so excited tomorrow to see the new clutter-free environment that we set up today.
Looking forward to:
Day off tomorrow, board meeting in the evening, performance review with my boss on Tuesday morning, teaching childbirth classes to my son and daughter-in-law, painting real canvases with the preschoolers for the art show next weekend and do some shopping at Ikea. Except for the weather, promises to be a nice week.
Thankful for today:
A chance to sleep this morning, a fun photo shoot yesterday with great preview pictures that were sent to us, sunshiny day with melting snow, yummy breakfast in bed and scrumptious dinner tonight.
*BONUS QUESTION* What chore around the house do I dread doing the most? Cleaning the bathrooms. Thankfully, my girls each now have to do one and dh does ours. I use wipes to keep ours under control but he does the deep clean.
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Softie said...

I love old movies! We do not have a tv in our bedroom but that sounds like a great Sunday night tradition to me. Have a great week!

Chy said...

I know TV's in the bedroom are not recommended but for us, it was our refuge at the end of the day, when the babies were all finally in bed, we could have some time to read, or talk, or watch tv in a very comfortable spot. I don't always finish a program because I often fall asleep but at least I'm not falling asleep downstairs, only to be woken up to get up the stairs!

~Carla~ said...

Company's Coming books are all great.. I have one on Table Runners that is a great 'how to' as well! :) I just posted a couple of handmade cards today on my blog if you want to take a peek! Been a while since I scrapbooked 'cause I 'wanted to'... lol! What you did for your neighbours was wonderful!! What a blessing that will be to them i'm sure! :) Your snow photo is lovely... hope you'll share more!

Chy said...

I didn't realize the Company's Coming books had expanded beyond food. My first cookbook as a new bride was CC's Squares then Cookies and I still use them, all these years later!

More snow pictures to follow. Just learning how to use this new camera and trying to figure out how to watermark my photos.