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April 16, 2020

Weather Woes.

In April, we have had snow, cloudy
days, high winds, rain and some sun.

It comes out for a few minutes at a time.
Casting light then disappearing again.

Coming out stronger, lasting a bit longer
and than away it goes. Today was sunny.
But tomorrow we're going to either get
more snow or rain. Next week, double
digits. What the heck Mother Nature?
I just want to get out in our little garden.

Are you having a lovely Spring?
Or is your weather as crazy as ours?

~ Chy


wisps of words said...

Crazy Weather Here, Toooooooooo!!!!!!

The sun teases us, and goes under clouds.

Snow yesterday, for a short time.

Below freezing, at night.

Gets so cold, in my husband's garage/work shop, that he has to come in, to warm his fingers.

Too windy for we "Old Folks" to go out walking.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Guess this is Spring! -smile-

So lovely to see little snips, of your home. Please, maybe show more. I think we all love peeks into the homes of others. It's a "Girl Gene" maybe. -smile-

Oh and my Sig. Line below. "Keep our eyes on Nature" etc. I actually meant, less changing parts, than the changeable weather!!!! -giggles-

Stay Safe!
Keep our eyes on Nature!
It is always soothing!

Chy said...

I'll definitely post more pics of our little cottage. Decided that next week, I'm going to start giving all the walls a good paint. I've cleaned out cupboards (2 more to do) and closets (1 more to do) and am almost done re-organizing the art studio. Then it's a quick tidy of the garage and I can start painting. I love a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Very refreshing!

Thanks for visiting today! Be well.

X Chy

Debi said...

Our spring weather has been very weird... for lack of a better word. The warmer days are overcast, gloomy and often rainy. The sunny days are cold and windy. Mother Nature has lost her mind!

Mereknits said...

Hope you have a wonderful week. Stay well my friend.

Chy said...

Hi Debi. It has been so strange here but yesterday was finally nice. A bit cloudy at times but mostly sunny and warm. Today it's cloudy but supposed to be sunny so we'll see if it changes. And double digits all week! Our snow melted quite a bit this weekend and should be all gone in the next day or so. Can't wait to see what will spring up in our garden!

X Chy

Chy said...

Ah thank you Meredith. Your comment made my heart full today! I wish you the same and hope all is well with your pup. Sending love!

X Chy