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April 15, 2018

In the Fog ....

 ,,,, at the cottage on the cliff.
It was silent and very grey.

We couldn't see the mountain.
We couldn't see the ocean.

The quiet was unnerving.
The mist and fog was creepy.

It lasted all day long.
By night it had drifted.

We had a bit left by bed time.
And the next day it was sunny.

Doesn't this look like it
should be in a movie?

Dh trying to capture the look of
the fog in the trees on the cliff.

What did I do while he
played photographer?

Made a big pot of Irish tea
to last us all thru the afternoon.


Mereknits said...

I love fog, well not to drive in it but to just be still in it. So beautiful.

Chy said...

We definitely didn't drive that day. It was just too thick. But made for a perfect day to stay at home in the cottage and just enjoy a quiet day with lots of tea and movies and good books to read. Beautiful to look at but I was happy to see the sun the next morning. I tend to get a bit disoriented if I don't see the island across the inlet. Makes me feel a bit cut off from the World! Thanks for visiting Meredith. X Chy