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April 13, 2018

Jersey Day.

Yesterday was "Jersey Day" across Canada, a tribute for the bus tragedy in Saskatchewan. It started as a movement in schools and quickly spread to include many businesses, organizations and government offices. Truly, it was heartwarming to see our country dressing in their favorite hockey jersey's or any sport jersey they could find. I had a presentation yesterday at a community forum .... my topic was grief of course, timely, yet planned months ago. And it fell on Jersey Day. So, I put my jersey on and headed off, wondering if I'd be the only participant/speaker to do so. I was touched to look out at my audience, a sea of jerseys, a sea of caring hearts, a sea of emotion, a sea of love. After the forum, I went over to my Centre to have lunch with my staff and walked in to a room full of teachers, aides, parents and preschoolers ~ every single one in a colorful jersey, even the sweet babies in mom's arms! I wish the families and the injured players could have seen all that I took in yesterday. I wish they could see the love and the emotions we are all holding for each and every one of them. In the midst of this anguish, a day full of support and compassion. A day to remember.


Mereknits said...

Chy, that is just so lovely of all of those people to show their love and support. In all the tragedies in this world we need more stories like this, not of course more accidents just more sho of support for those in need.

Chy said...

Thank you Meredith. The support and love showing across our Country and from around the World is so heartwarming. I hate what has happened but for a moment, am hopeful that there is love to be shared .... X Chy