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April 6, 2018

Building a Fire.

In our old house, we had a wood burning fireplace. We didn't use it often but when we did, the smell of a fire would linger for days. Each time we'd come home, it felt so cozy and warm, even without the fire roaring on the grates. However, we didn't use it very often. Partly because it had a flue that didn't draw as well as we hoped, so we found it very hard to actually start a fire. We did have it repaired but it didn't change much. So when we built our little house in the big woods, we decided to install gas fireplaces in the great room and our master bedroom. I love that with a flick of a switch, we have an instant fire and warmth. I thought I might miss the smell of a fire but we do have a fire pit in our back garden, so it hasn't been an issue. The best of both worlds really.

It was a treat to discover our bed and breakfast cottage had a wood burning fireplace. We made a fire almost each night we were there. And with a good flue, the fires started quite quickly. In our next house, we might put in one wood burning fireplace and one gas fireplace. We'll see when we get there. Upper left picture is the very comfortable wicker chair and ottoman that I enjoyed sitting and reading in. Shot beside and lower left is dh making the fire. The bottom right hand shot is the roaring blaze that warmed up the cottage after a rainy day. 

Do you enjoy a nice crackling fire?
Do you have a fireplace in your home?


Kim said...

We have a gas fireplace and we love it. Like you said, switch on and then off. We use it so much more than we ever did when it was wood burning, because we can come and go knowing when it's off, it's out. Your bed and breakfast fireplace sounds like a treat though!

Chy said...

Thank you for visiting Kim and sharing your thoughts! It is so much easier to use the gas fireplace but I still miss the smell and the crackle of the wood option. We'll start up our outdoor pit soon and that will be lovely on cool Spring night! X Chy