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April 22, 2018

Breakfast Tea.

One of the perks we received from
staying at the B & B was breakfast.

The menu of tea choices was amazing.
We chose a rose inspired flavor. Lovely!

The setting was so cozy. Lots of pictures to
show the incredible history of the mansion.

Linens and high ceilings and pretty
window coverings and wood furniture.

A small but bright enclosed porch for
extra seating and stained glass windows.

We put a few of these light plates in our new
house and I loved seeing them in the B & B.

Our view included glimpses of the
harbor and the windy and choppy sea.

Breakfast served like afternoon tea. It
included quiche, scones, turkey, salmon,
french toast, butter, maple syrup and a
bit of fruit. I already at that before the shot.

Pineapple with cream cheese and an
edible flower. So good to start our meal.

A picture at the end, when we were full but not
in any rush to leave our table and our view.

Loved our waiter Carlos, who has the
most incredible story of coming to
America from Italy. He even worked
on the Disney Cruise Line. Great man!


Granny Marigold said...

What an amazing place!! ( And amazing breakfast!!)

Chy said...

It was incredible. We'll be back for sure!! X Chy