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April 22, 2018

Victorian B & B.

 On the last weekend of our recent holiday,
we had the privilege of staying in this house.

It used to be a restaurant called "The
Captain's Palace" but now it's a B & B.

Nothing has changed ~ the fixtures and
decor are all original and so beautiful.

The hallway outside our door even had
an amazing and very large chandelier.

These paintings were originals and so neat
to look at each time we went to our room.

Our door to our room. Very regal and
elegant, matching the house and the time.

Little sitting area to relax and watch tv
or read. We used this when we skypped.

Mini bar. The real reason for this shot was to
show the old but comfortable claw foot tub.

The bookcase full of old books. We had
fun looking through these and even read one.

Windows that overlooked the very lush, 
green and blooming Spring garden.

Cozy bed. Not too big but comfortable
welcoming after our little walking tour.

The veranda, looking in on the breakfast
porch. A sunny spot to eat and relax.

We loved staying here and despite missing
the restaurant, it was a brilliant plan to turn
it in to a B & B. We plan to come back when
we venture out again to our little island.


Mereknits said...

It looks like a gorgeous place to stay, glad you had a wonderful time.

Chy said...

It was beautiful Meredith. Can't wait to go back! X Chy