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April 15, 2018

Cherish Link Party #2.

It's Sunday night, time for our 2nd week of our link party. If you'd like to join in and share with us something that you cherish, a person, a place, a thing, something you love, just click on the link below and begin your post. It's right under my pictures at the bottom.

For my contribution, I'd like to share something that I cherish but can't have right now .... the exquisite fragrance of freshly cut flowers. As we still have snow on the ground and more is expected over the next two days, I am personally craving the greenery of flowers and the amazing scent that is so invigorating. When we stayed at the B & B in Victoria a couple of weeks ago, the front entrance had this little desk with a beautiful bouquet to greet us each time we went out and then came back in. I wish I could truly describe the scent but you'll just have to trust me .... amazing! I can't wait for our garden to start to emerge from the frozen tundra, to show us it's little buds and bloom into sweet gifts to enjoy all Summer ~ hoping we'll get Summer after this long and cold Winter. 

Aren't these pretty? The colors are a blend of my three favorite shades of ivory, green and lavender. It's inspired me to figure out which plants and which colors we will plant this year for our big pots for the veranda and the back deck. While the snow swirls around us, I can at least gaze at these pictures often and dream about what we hope our gardens and our plant pots will look like soon. 

Will you join in for our second link party?
We'd love to learn what you cherish this week.

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