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March 23, 2018

Tax Time.

Yes, your eyes are seeing correctly the most recent snowfall, which took place last night, during our slumber and a bit keeps coming down this morning. This afternoon the prediction is for above seasonal temperatures and sun. Welcome to Canada! Where the weather can change in a matter of just a few hours. I think it looks pretty but I truly can wait to see green leaves and new sprouts coming up in our gardens. Soon I hope!

It's Tax Time here. We have always done our own taxes and the last decade has been so much easier with the online tax programs. But last year, we hired an accountant as our taxes have become a bit more complicated with a number of streams of income, a variety of items we can claim and then our rental house. I've heard that many people do not claim their rental house(s) but I don't cherish the idea of being dishonest to save a few dollars. We brought in income, we'll pay the tax if needed. Last year, we both got lovely tax refunds and we're hoping this year for the same or at the very least, a break even. We don't count on a tax refund each year ~ for us, it's just extra funds. We've only had to pay once and it was small and we knew ahead we'd have to. 

My hope was to have all our receipts calculated and put into envelopes to drop off at our accountants' office today. However, with the snow and icy roads, I'll take it in after we get back from our holiday. We leave on Sunday and return home on the 2nd of April. I'll take it in on the 3rd and he'll likely have it down and ready for signatures that Friday. The deadline in Canada is April 30th, so we have lots of time. All is in order, as you can see above with our Art Studio serving as a temporary sorting station last night. I'll put everything into envelopes today and back into the box they were stored in. I love having an accountant now. It was so freeing last year to just hand over our documents and 2 days later, it was all done for us. Worth the fees to be less stressed. 

The rest of today will be packing, cleaning the house, sorting laundry, paying bills and catching up on emails. Tonight we'll chill and relax. Tomorrow we will pick up my mom, meet my brother (who has flown in from the coast to see Michelle Obama speak in the big City today) for lunch, visit and enjoy our time together, then take mom back to her place, head to the big City for an event tomorrow night, then head home for a couple of hours of sleep, wake up, shower, zip up our suitcase and off to the airport we go for 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. On the plane @ 5, landing on the island @ 8:40 a.m., pick up our rental car at the airport, drive to the Ferry and we should be on our little slice of Heaven by lunchtime for a week of no stress, no traffic lights, no Starbucks/commercialism. Just peace and quiet and a much needed and well deserved break.  

Any snow in your region today?
Is it Tax Time for you yet?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Have a wonderful trip. We rarely get snow and even when we get it, it melts within a few hours. We are in full blown sneezy spring here. About half of those things that bloom are finished and now have green leaves. Everything else is in full bloom including the dogwoods and azaleas. By the end of next week most of them will be gone too, then it is onward to summer.

Granny Marigold said...

Have a great time getting away from it all.

Chy said...

I can't wait to see blooms here Anne! First we need the snow to melt and then the dirt to dry out. Soon, soon! X Chy

Chy said...

Thanks Granny! X Chy