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March 11, 2018

Day of Melting.


The sun is out again today, warming the snow covered Earth around us. The drip, drip, drip from the rooftops has begun and I'm sure any moment now our sump pump will drain the tank out to the woods. Unfortunately, then it freezes as night and we're left with a small skating rink on the path to our front door. We are currently working through how to fix this so we don't end up with any long lasting effects or damage. One idea I have is to expand the area where we've put an extended pipe from the sump pump drain out to the treed area beyond our driveway. It pools right now, so we may have to widen it. My other idea is to also add in a little bridge so that the path from the house and then the driveway will have a way to get over the water that sits. Here's a picture of  the bridge .... 

Wouldn't that look sweet over the water? Just thinking about it but I like the look of it. We do have our white arbor and picket fence going in this year so we'll have to measure to see if this would fit and how we feel about the black against a landscape with white fencing. Looking at other ideas as well. I wish we could have had a say about where the various systems in our house would be installed so we could all agree on what the exterior would look like with items that need to discharge or have a purpose but could be hidden. Next house for sure, now that we know! So much to learn when building new.

Are you getting Spring weather today?
If you've had snow, is it busy melting away?

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