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March 30, 2018

Claw Foot Heaven.

I remember sleeping over at my gramma and grampa's house when I was small and gramma would always give me a bath before bed. They had a massive claw foot tub in their bathroom and I remember always looking forward to the chance to practice my "swimming" in the big tub. It seemed to take forever to fill but soon I'd be paddling away until my gramma would finally pull me out of the now chilled water, the floor wet and the towels soaked. Years later, they sold that tiny, vintage house and moved to an apartment and I recall the first time I slept there as a young adult and walking into the bathroom and feeling so much nostalgia for the old claw foot that no longer existed. I've always hoped that one day I could have one. In our new house, we tried to fit one in but it didn't quite work. I still hold out hope that one day, we'll enjoy baths in a claw foot tub. There is always hope.

It was a wonderful surprise to discover the cottage has a claw foot. I couldn't wait for my first soak in the warm water. As large as this tub is, I wasn't able to do any laps around it like I did as a small child. But I still enjoyed the spaciousness and the nostalgia of a tub that brought back so many wonderful memories from a sacred childhood.

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