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September 9, 2016

Tiny House.

Our little guy has finally inherited this tiny house from his mama's childhood. After saving and scrimping, we bought this sturdy and colorfl playhouse back in 1990 when she was just 4.5. It was never used outside as we had a perfect spot for it in our lower level and we didn't want it to become weathered by the elements. The kids loved it growing up and the investment we made, at the time, not easy on our small and frugal budget but so worth it in the end. We did get an amazing sale but still, it was not a cheap venture. Yet, 26 years later, it's still part of our family life and we're so excited that little B is having great fun with it, this time, outside. We did decide on this lovely spot as it has some trees to provide shade on sunny days. And right beside the hammock means I can swing away while he plays! Lots of fun.

Did you have a playhouse growing up?
Or if you have children, did they?

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