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September 2, 2016

In Between ....

As summer winds down and our landscape changes, the days are getting shorter and the hot, scorching days have all but disappeared. Yellow leaves have taken over the light and dark green that we've enjoyed all season. And the flowers are truly beginning to fade. In between the vast amounts of rain we've experienced, I was able to capture a few shots of the last wildflowers in the meadow. Still sweet, still bright. Not as plentiful and many are already gone. But it's lovely to see bits of life still renewing itself just as the season changes to getting ready for winter. It started pouring rain again today and I wasn't able to catch any shots of my lavender, which has finally blossomed. Tomorrow I'll venture out, even if it rains and post some pretty purple blooms. Not a huge harvest this year. I was very disappointed that despite all my attempts to create a great crop, it was very tiny. Next year!

I'm really not looking forward to winter. It's such a privilege to have a warm house to live in and one that we're just now starting to think about decorating. I'm sure through the storms, blizzards and bitterly cold days, I'll be able to keep very busy making curtains, creating decorative trim and measuring up for crown molding. But the thought of looking out at the landscape and seeing blustery winds just isn't something I'm looking forward to. One day, we'll move back to the sea, where snow is sparse, if at all. And on an island, when the snow falls, life stops until it melts, usually within a day or two. Here, we are so "hardy" so we just keep going, no matter how high the snowdrifts are and how cold it gets. But truthfully, it's time consuming and hard to enjoy. Very tiring. Ugh. So wish it wouldn't be something to even think about on a rainy Friday night. Every time I turn around though, the media keeps referencing the Farmer's Almanac for the 2016 ~ 2017 year,  which is predicting a long, cold, bitter winter for North America. Last year, we had such a mild winter it was unbelievable. If every winter could be like that, we'd be laughing! Winter can be so pretty but it can also be daunting and dangerous. Here's hoping the Farmer's Almanac this year is completely wrong!!

Are you in a zone that has snowy winters?
Do you believe the Farmer's Almanac?

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