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September 1, 2016


All around us, the Earth is changing. The air is
crisp, the landscape is colorful. Change is here
and after a Summer of hot days and stormy
nights, we start to get ready for the long and
cold Winter ahead. I'm very nervous about it
this year. We had such a mild season last
year that it's hard to learn that the Farmer's
Almanac is predicting an extremely harsh and
bitter Winter. Ugh! I've been looking at seaside
cottages at our favorite spot in the world. In a
heartbeat, that's where I'd love to be when our
Winters are really bad. But we have life here too
so it's not in the plans just yet. A dream, for sure.
For now, we'll enjoy the colors, the scents and
all that Fall has to offer to us before the Earth
finally gives in and everything turns white.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?
Are you starting to get ready for a long Winter?

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