About Me

September 27, 2016

Breathe September #24: Self~Care.

I work in the palliative care field, in a
local community based hospice. It's truly
amazing work but at the same time, it's
full of challenges and heartache. One thing
we all practice well is Self~Care. I have a
number of things I do to keep myself in
good spirits and healthy. Nurturing family,
nourishing food and natural ways to fully
relax. One of my favorite practices is to
soak in a nice, warm tub. It really is the best.


Penny said...

Lovely! I always jump in and out of the shower,mbut any time I do have a bath, I always enjoy it! X

Chy said...

I love showers as they wake me up in the morning and really get me going. I save baths as a kind reward to myself! X