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September 3, 2016

Goals for September.

I read blogs on a daily basis. My favorites are the ones that show true life with their words and pictures, the ones that give me inspiration to create new ideas, the ones that are truly down to earth and those that lay out goals to achieve. I try to be as authentic as I possibly can in my blog writing and though I'm sure I fall short at times, I truly can only write what is and what will be. My house is not perfect, my relationships have moments, my work is stressful (and yet I love it!), and I am a constant work in progress. I can't get much more authentic than that! Rarely do I share my goals but thought this month I'll give it a go and see how close I get to finishing these up. Not a huge list but the tasks have many pieces to them. Read on, if you'd like:

1. Finish sorting then cleaning the preschool for classes that start on Tuesday
2. Finish writing notes for my Board of Directors and sending those along 
3. Printing off sign in sheets, book order forms and any other requests that come my way
4. Send off our final Charity paperwork for this year's filing that is due in November
5. Work on sorting receipts and documentation for taxes for filing when due
6. Contact County department regarding a grant owed to us that we're waiting for
7. Finalize details for our two baby loss events coming up in October and confirm registrations
8. Finalize details for our two kids grief programs coming up this month and confirm registrations
9. Create a new family budget now that dh is settled in to his new job he started in July
10. Start winter prep around the house before the snow arrives - hopefully later than earlier

Doesn't look too bad but I know each of these will take some time. I hope and will work hard to get as much accomplished as possible. Our son is coming to visit in October and it would be lovely to have items crossed off my list so we can enjoy his time here without deadlines looming. My biggest goal this year and for the coming year is to take care of items, one at a time and/or then pass them along to someone else. Working hard on that now that I realize I really can't do it all!


A Brit in Tennessee said...

So many things on your 'to do' list, I wish you well with your goal !
Cooler air is here, it's already invigoratingly wonderful, it's my favorite season of the year :)
Have a wonderful long weekend.

Janet Miles said...

Getting my receipts and paper work for taxes is one of my to do's too! Hate that I wait until the last minute almost every year. You'd think I'd learn. Good luck on your list! Stopping by from the Blog-tember challenge.

Penny said...

I love a 'to do' list, and I love ticking off each thing I achieve, be it big or small. X

Chy said...

Thank you Jo, Janet and Penny. Posting a list has really helped me be dedicated to get it getting all done!