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September 22, 2016

Annual Dollhouse Show.

Each year, we attend the Annual Dollhouse
Show in September. It's such a treat to
meet others who are passionate and very
creative about their own dollhouses. 

I save all year to put aside $100 just to spend
on whatever I'd like to add to the houses we have.
This year, it was the 20th Anniversary of the club
that puts it on and it was another great show. My
haul above looks small but it's quite a bit of stuff 
for the very small sum of $21 altogether. Over the
years, I've collected so much so there wasn't as much 
that I needed in terms of big items. Tons of smalls.

Left picture: I loved this tiny bouquets for the planters.
Right picture: a sweet print to frame and a metal tea set.

Left picture: pretzels, cinnamon buns and donuts. Yum!
Right picture: festive wreath, jump rope, tea towels.

Left picture: watermelon, fruit, baby items, ladybug leaf.
Right picture: stained glass, photo album, musical notes.

Left picture: flower basket, eggs in a basket, turkey.
Right picture: stitched rose, festive sign, wallpaper sheets.

My best find of the day was this sweet gazebo
that one of the members was selling due to her
impending retirement from dollhouse crafting due
to her declining health. I know this gazebo is a
kit that sells for about $110 plus shipping and tax.
But I scored it for a tidy $15. It's just like the
one I envision having in our back yard, one day,
down the road. For now a dream but at least
my dollhouse will have one to enjoy. Not a bad
haul at all for a total of $36 for the day. Perfect.


Penny said...

Sweet treasures! X

~Carla~ said...

I absolutely love those tiny doll houses!! That must be such a fun day!! :)

Liliana said...

Real treasures! I should check my attic and see what is left there.

Chy said...

Thanks Penny ~ they are so sweet! X

Chy said...

Carla, it is such a fun event. I come home with some many great ideas. I might join the club next year. It would be so much fun to chat with other miniaturists!

Chy said...

Ooooh, you'll have to tell us what you find Liliana!