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September 11, 2016

Breathe September #13: Drink.

Our favorite spot in the world is a
tiny island on the West Coast of
Canada. No traffic, no noise, all
organic food and truly incredible
Islanders who make our visits so
memorable. Today, my photo is
my favorite cooler, chilled with a
lemon slice. From the island, Cheers!


Lorrie said...

The west coast is welcoming you with wonderful weather this weekend. We spent two nights on the boat - one just off Portland Island, just across the water from yours. Truly a magical place!

Chy said...

I so love it! Can't wait to move here. We lived in the Fraser Valley years ago but dh's job was close to Stanley Park, so his commute was crazy. Moved back to Alberta but one day, we'll be back, just close to the water this time!