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April 30, 2015

Peeking in Windows.

We often go for walks at the end of the day 
in our neighborhood. I love to go at dusk, 
when everyone has put on a few lights inside. 
A peek inside into the life of a stranger.

It seems almost naughty to be so curious
about what goes on, from house to house,
family to family. Naughty but oh so
addicting to peer into someone's life.
As we walk or drive by, we sometimes feel 
like we're intruding on the innocent. 

In reality, if someone was not in favor of 
those of us who walk & take a peek at the
same time, sturdy blinds would work well to
protect the privacy of those all involved.

Do you ever take a peek, from afar, into windows?
How do you feel about seeing how others live?


Penny said...

I think a little peep as you walk past is ok, but to stop and stare is a little over-familiar! X

Chy said...

No staring, just a peek here and there! We have neighbor next to use, a very sweet family but oh so messy. And when we open our back door to let our pups out to the dog run at the side of our house, we can see right into their master bedroom. I can't imagine how anyone can sleep in there .... clothes all over the floor, dresser drawers open, items every where. But it doesn't seem to bother them. Interesting how we all live so differently and have a varied expectation of our daily lives.

Penny said...

Oh that is funny Chy! Our next door neighbours are delightful people, kind and gentle and just lovely, but their house is incredibly messy; I am not judging, but am always intrigued. My house can get pretty messy but not in a long-term way! Theirs is like an obstacle course, but they are serene and contented, so maybe they've got the right idea??!? X

Chy said...

Our neighbors are the same. They seem like a very happy family. I personally love to be organized, which is part of my happy!