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April 5, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Five.

Today, the Photo Challenge is to share my favorite color. As an artist, I love color! It's hard to truly choose just one so I have one pic that shows my color palette for the new house. The wall color we chose is called "Winter Gray" & we've teamed that up with an ivory color called "Camelot" & a green shade of sage called "Kittery Point". The last two colors are for our kitchen, great room, bathrooms & laundry room cabinets. I'm terrified to see what this will look like in the end. Hoping it all comes together. With warm wood floors, in my head, I think it will be fine. But oh the gamble we've taken! I hope in the end we don't hate our choices ....

What is your favorite color?


Penny said...

Love your colour choices. My kitchen is painted in very similar shades of green and cream, but one wall is painted deep purple. I love it X

Chy said...

That sounds amazing Penny. I would love to see a picture one day!