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April 7, 2015

Home Alone.

Today is my day off for the long weekend. Everyone else had Saturday to Monday off but I work on Saturdays, so my three day weekends are always Sunday to Tuesday. I had great plans of leaping out of bed, dropping C off at school & then powering through the house, finishing the last few reno items & packing up the last of the items we can pack away that we don't technically need. We woke up to rain & dark skies, that soon turned darker with flakes of snow falling, mixed with the rain. A cold,  windy, snowy, drizzly day.

After a another weekend of back breaking, body aching, physically exhausting reno work, mixed with packing & a bit of yard work on the side, my plans quickly changed when I came home after dropping said child off. I did a bit of laundry, tidied up, then set myself up in a "nest" of blankets, books, my laptop, my camera for editing, my phone, the tv remote, a hot water bottle & a pot of tea. As the rain hit the roof & blurred the windows, I settled in for a long day of writing, editing & musing about life. Part way through the day, I realized how my Mondays, the day everyone else goes back to work & I get to stay home, was lost in the long weekend. So this week, Tuesday became my official day off!

I felt guilty for a bit then let it go. In the past, my day off was truly a day to get myself grounded, a time to catch up with the little things I can't always do with a crowd of people around me & space to just be. To sit & reflect, time for enjoying the moments. Once I'm back at work tomorrow, I take off running, so I truly do cherish this time alone. I've neglected my days off a lot since we started the big push to sell then move. It has felt like all my waking moments have been taken up by work & the move. Not much time for rejuvenating my mind, my body & my soul. The rain changed my original plan but in the end, it was the best kind of day off to have. I feel great & ready to go back tomorrow.

What do your days off look like?
Do you take it off or use it for catching up?

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