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April 3, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day One.

After much thought, I chose the April 2015 Photo
Challenge from Susannah Conway's blog. Truly
looking forward to working through each of these
prompts for the next month. Should be a great time!

The first prompt is "My Morning View".

Here's my first shot for the challenge. A dark, misty 
morning with new snow falling gently from the sky.

A perfect time to snuggle back into the warmth.

Have you ever participated in a Photo Challenge?
Or any other type of Blogging Challenge?


Penny said...

I did Susannah's August Break challenge last summer and really enjoyed it. It was good discipline, taking a photograph every day, and posting every day for a month. Have fun! X

Chy said...

Looking forward to the challenge!