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April 30, 2015


It is rare that I don't finish a project but
to be perfectly honest, this month I had an
epic fail. On April 1st, I started the April 
Photo Challenge. Having completed the
December session, I was really excited
to do another. But our move, work, events
& now our commitment to a theatre play
meant that I ended up not having enough
time to finish the challenge on time. I
could just extend it into May, but I don't
believe my time will suddenly become
more open. So with a heavy heart, I hang
my head in shame & declare the project
unfinished from my end. Sad but true.

Do you ever have unfinished projects?
What do you do with the guilt?


Penny said...

Chy, don't be hard on yourself. You had to prioritise the house move! Blogging should be fun, and not there to make you feel guilty. I signed up for a December photo-a-day blogging project and didn't manage a single photo! December was just way too busy with some unexpected family events too, and I couldn't do it, but I don't feel guilty. I have plenty of 'Mummy-guilt' (as I think every mother does!)without adding 'Blogging-guilt' too! x

Chy said...

As soon as I wrote it, Penny, I let go of it. I'll do another challenge after we're settled in the house. I really enjoyed the December one and found it quite intriguing. More time later!