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April 9, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Nine.

Five years ago, we were anxiously waiting
for this little guy to arrive. The Photo Challenge
prompt for today had me searching my brain,
then my hard drive for pictures to show life then.

He was on his way, his momma & poppa were
still a married couple then, we were over the moon,
& our kids were 25, 23, 21 & 17. Such a happy &
free time. Things changed not long after this tiny
being arrived Earthside. Not a good time then.

But life has a way of working out & the
happiness we had enjoyed has returned.

He arrived into an intact family & then it fell apart.

But now he & his brave & dedicated momma live
with us. We feel like the luckiest grandparents in
the world, to see him grow & change every day!
Not every gramma & papa get that experience.

What was life like for you five years ago?
Is it better or more challenging than it was?


Penny said...

Life is constantly changing that's for sure Chy,. Beautiful baby pics, I bet your grandson loves seeing photo's of himself as a baby, I know my two boys love looking at old photo's of themselves! X

Chy said...

He does love looking at pictures but is always confused by the ones of him as a baby. Often calls those pics our granddaughter! Just the baby ones confuse him. Maybe when he's a bit older. We love looking back for sure! X

Sonya Ann said...

Life is a hard fight. I'm sorry about the hardships but that little cutie would help brighten any day.

Chy said...

Thank you, Sonya Ann. The hardships build character and give us opportunities to be extra thankful for the beautiful experiences and people in our lives!

rivulet said...

Life... it's better and more challenging then it was five years ago. That's how it's supposed to be, right?

The baby photos of your grandson are ADORABLE!

*I stopped by because I was intrigued by your federation title "hippy mama" and really like your blog title. Not sure how I haven't been by you before now.

Congrats on the new house too!!!

Chy said...

Thank you rivulet! My kids gave me my nickname and it stuck. Love your comments. Thank you for visiting. I'm off to read your blog.