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April 22, 2015

4 Weeks To Go!

In just 4 short weeks, we'll be doing a final
inspection of our new home & then our
incredible builder will hand us the keys.
Since the beginning, he's joked with me
about waiting to see me do an "ugly cry",
which are tears of happiness but messy.

I've come close a few times but I agree with
him that because the "cry" hasn't happened
yet, all bets are on the moment we have the
keys in hand. Our process, from dream to
possession has been long. We bought our
little lot in the big woods in 2000. This dream
has now been over 14 years in the making. 
And there isn't anything that we'd change.

Waiting all this time meant we were able to
do exactly what we wanted, no compromises,
no lost wishes. Worth the wait, the extra time,
the commitment & the constant daydreaming.

We're almost home. Our task list is long but
last night, we put dates to items & assigned
the activities to the individual who could best
get it done. Soon, soon, we'll all be there.

What is the next big dream you are wishing for?


Gill - That British Woman said...

you must be so, so excited I would be. I can't wait to see it all finished.

Chy said...

Too excited Gill! It's hard to sleep at night now and I'm sure the first night we're there we'll crash and sleep well.

Are you feeling better??

Sonya Ann said...

That is a long time to work toward a dream/goal. You deserve all the ugly cries you want!!!!
Congrats, well in 4 weeks.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Hi, Chy, Just followed from the renegade blogger association created by Sonya Ann. Looking forward to reading your blog. Oh and congratulations on the new home!

Chy said...

It's a long time Sonya Ann but so worth it in the end!

Chy said...

Thank you Anne. I'm so happy you could stop by and leave a comment. I'm off to explore your blog!

Penny said...

This is so exciting. You have been very patient, and I truly hope your new house will be a dream come true. X

Chy said...

Very patient Penny and still loving every minute!