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February 22, 2015

I Hurt.

It's crunch time! We have just a short time before
our new house will be ready. Won't you be happy
when we finally move & I can stop talking about
the build process? Of course, I may then launch
into the next phase of the new house: landscaping.
Until then, we have lots to do. I'm thankful that
we've been working on our move since before
we started the build. But now we're speeding
everything up to get the old house sold & packed
up. For the last two weeks, we've been painting,
packing & purging. I'm so tired of the whole
process. Tonight, this is how I feel inside:

And below is how my body feels: I hurt from
head to toe. Everything aches. Pain in spots I
didn't know could hurt. Everywhere. Ouch!

The only thing that helps is knowing that
all this work is getting us one step closer
to the country. Every box, every donation
bag, every paint stroke .... worth the effort.

Just wish it didn't hurt so much!!


Penny said...

Chy, hard work is good, but please take care of yourself too! You don't want to burn out before the big move. Wish I could come over and help with the packing, but it's just a little far for me to come! Sending hugs though X

Cheapchick said...

Moving is one of the most stressful painful things there are that don't involve a family illness or death. Keep your chin up!