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February 1, 2015

Pretty Ceilings.

Our ceilings were primed, painted & then scraped
this week for a "California Knock Down" look. 
Not sure what the name means but we like the flat
& sleek look, as opposed to the old stipple we have.

Picture on the left shows the ceiling now that it's dry.
On the right, the front door & two storey foyer.

View from the Great Room looking towards the front.
And the second shot is our alcove for the desk.

Our builder, D, our daughter, C, & my dh, B.
Conversing about color & the beautiful ceilings!

Almost a full shot of the media wall in the Great Room.
Soon, the mantel & the bookcases will be installed.

Paint first, then flooring, trim, lights, doors & cabinets.
So close! The left pic shows the small wall that is part
of the Turret. And then the bank of big windows.

That's the update for today.
More pictures & stories to follow.


Cheapchick said...

Beautiful - so nearing completion!

Chy said...

Getting close. This week, we're picking out the bathroom sinks and toilets, the towel bars, the knobs for the cabinets, the lights for the entire house (have it narrowed down to two collections), the front door handle, the railings (inside and out) and the color for the cabinets. Then we sell this house, and move!