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February 13, 2015

Another Friday the 13th.

I'm slightly superstitious, so Friday
the 13th has never been a favorite
day of mine. However, I've never
had anything bad happen on this
day, so I'm going to stop thinking
that something bad might happen!

Today was great, other than waking
up with a very sore & achy body. I
attended our little guy's field trip &
had a great time watching him have
fun & conversing with the parents.
Got a few keys things crossed off
my "to do" list & now I'm tucked
into a warm bed to watch a bit of
telly ~ Coronation Street is on tap.
Dh is off to a hockey game & when
he's back, we're meeting our builder
at our local coffee shop to finalize
our kitchen budget. We have to
also decide the pattern of railings
& the last few lights need to be
chosen. Then all our decisions will
be finished up. Busy weekend to
get our house ready to sell. I am
so thankful it's a long one with
extra days off. We'll make good
use of this time with our last reno's.

How was your Friday the 13th?
Do you have big plans for this weekend?

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