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February 18, 2015

Sometimes, you just have too ....

 We've lived a very frugal life. At the beginning, 
it was a way to have a parent at home with our
children. Then it became our continued lifestyle, 
even after I went back to my career, 20 years 
in. Now it's a trendy subject & we still subscribe
to this way of life. But every once in a long while, 
something comes along that we have to make 
big decisions about letting go of some of our
savings & treat ourselves to an event, or a trip,
or something for our home. Yesterday, here's
what crossed our path & is now sitting all
wrapped up, ready & waiting for the new house.

A vintage heart shaped chair with light sage
green velvet fabric. In perfect condition, this
beautiful piece was created in Montgomery,
Alabama, far from snowy Alberta! The colors
are perfect for our new abode, the style just
right. And how did we find it, you may be
pondering? I was on Facebook the other night
& suddenly the antique mall posted a few
pictures of new items & there was the chair.
Without any thought & chatting with my
lovey first, I put my name down on it & they
graciously agreed to hold it for me. It wasn't
cheap but the investment is so worth the
opportunity to own this very unique piece. 
Given the long list of others who were
asking for it, even when we were picking it
up just reaffirmed that as quick as it was, 
it was the right decision for us.

And we love it!! I truly believe that each &
every one of our purchases, big & small are
so precious to us because we sacrificed so much
so our kids were given an extra measure of
security when they were growing up. Now we
could be less frugal, but we're still having
fun finding the best deals. Even though it
felt like we were spending a lot on this chair,
when we did a search, we actually found two
others, both in the U.S., for much higher
fees, so we know we did well. And both were
not in as good of shape as this one, from
what we could tell by the pictures. All in all,
another great find & one we'll cherish always.


Penny said...

Oh that is lovely! I can understand why you couldn't resist it! X

~Carla~ said...

So very pretty! :) I'm sure you'll smile each & everytime you look at it!

Chy said...

It was hard to resist Penny, but that didn't last long!! X

Chy said...

It does make me smile Carla!