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February 12, 2015

Feeling Guilty ....

Our community has an amazing recycling program.
We have a black bin for true garbage & a green
bin for organics. And each week, we can put out as
many blue bags with paper, tins, glass, plastic,
anything that can be recycled, inside. Most of us
tend to put out a bag or two each week. But now
that we are purging, our blue bag collection has
become a bit more than the usual haul for the week.

Last week's stash.

And this week!

Feeling slightly guilty for our great
garbage collectors. But they turned up,
on time & without any hesitation,
loaded up the bags. So very thankful
for this intentional collection to keep
our landfills from getting too full.

Do you have a recycling program in your community?


Penny Miller said...

We have quite a stringent recycling policy in our area too. In fact our 'general waste' bins are only collected once a fortnight, so recycling is essential, or there would be no space in our bins. We are supplied with different coloured bins for paper, plastic and glass, and composting bins for all food waste. X

Chy said...

I love it! We were one of the families who lobbied for our community to have a strong program. I was actually quite surprised how many people complained at the beginning, because it was different, it was more work & time, & many just weren't concerned about the environment. Thankful now that the negativity stopped & I beam when we see all the bins lined up on collection day!