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February 4, 2015

A Decision.

Isn't this a great art studio? It's not my space
but a picture I found that shows a well used
environment, with a window on the outside
world. There are four windows in our studio
& once construction is complete, I truly hope
we will achieve this light & airy feeling inside.

I'm now half way through my "sabbatical" leave
from work, using my time to pack, purge & paint
in preparation for our big move out to the country.
Many decisions have been made over the last 8
months & this week, I made one more. As an
eclectic artist, my process of creativity is unique
& my space will reflect this. One day, I want to
be a true full time artist. As much as I love my job
because I can use my energetic creativity, it is a 
time consuming process that doesn't always leave
blocks of time for my personal art each day. I
get frustrated that I can spend days working on
something that needs my brain power & energy
to complete the project. My decision is just this:
my studio will be my sanctuary, a place to create,
a place to reflect, a place to energize, a place to
unwind. Beginning with small increments of
time, with an eventual goal of full time work. We 
aren't sure until we've lived out in the country for 
a while if our projected expenses will be bang on 
or out of bounds. For now, we need my income 
but once we can determine our actual & final 
budget, then we can make plans to bring me home 
to be the artist I am, the artist I need to be.

Part of this decision was choosing a name for the art
studio, which I did finalize today. I have to register
it, so until that legal process is done, I don't want to
write it here, just in case I can't use it. But I love it &
an internet search didn't show any users. Fingers
crossed that I can use it formally, soon!!


Penny Miller said...

Sounds like this has been quite a moment in your life,when you have seen a way forward using your new space to become the artist you want/need to be X

Chy said...

A new path with a firm commitment!