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May 4, 2014

My Mother Heart.

Today is International Bereaved Mother's Day. A day to celebrate and honor the brave, courageous and spirited mothers who have said goodbye to their precious babies, many before they got to say hello.

My name is Chy and I have a Mother Heart. Today, I miss our son Bretton-Elijah Lucas, our daughter Ciara-Rose Kennedi and all six of the tiny babies we lost too early. My heart is full of love for the children we were gifted to raise to adulthood: Chelsea-Danielle Kathleen, Brady-Kahil Liam, Brodie-Joshua Kylie and Chynna-Jade Lyric. My heart is full of gratitude for the love of my life, Bill - a.k.a. Bear - who allows me the freedom to grieve, create and express my journey, without judgement and with unconditional love and support. My heart is full of sweetness for the two little souls who have graced our lives, captured our hearts and made us grandparents: Beckett William and Lua Oak. And my heart is full of sorrow with the knowledge that our family will always be incomplete, we will always grieve and we will never know our babies as children, teens and adults. Forever, they remain a dream, a wish and a longing hope in our hearts.

To all the Bereaved Mama's I have been blessed to meet over the last 18 years, today, I hold you in my heart as you remember with love, your sweet babies. May your day be filled with family love, gracious wishes and heartfelt hugs. 

Today, do you have a Mother Heart?

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