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May 28, 2014

Getting my "MoJo" back!!

I am a sensitive being. 

There, I said it out loud!

I was "born this way", in the words of Lady Gaga!

But I work on it all the time ....

Tonight was a wonderful example of why I shouldn't let those who nick pick at me win. I was recently told that perhaps I needed to find a new career, that without a Masters Degree, I'm worthless to the field I work in. I, having heard this before, fought back with my numbers, my credentials and my awards. 

And then I stopped. 

Because I realized that every time this happens, with the senseless belittling and the critical words, the sad and angry individuals who are spouting are the ones that seem to either be struggling or have no confidence in themselves. So they pick on me and at 5 feet small, I'm a fairly easy target. 

No longer will I heed these words! Tonight, I presented a creative workshop I designed for families who have lost a baby. The 1st night in a series of 4 and a raving success. I had a lovely Power Point, we did art, we conversed, we shared, we supported each other and we basked in the knowledge that in such an isolating journey, we never have to be alone. With classical music playing softly in the background, the tears flowed, the laughter reined and the pictures were cherished. We ended a whole hour later than we proposed and I'm sure, if we could have, the room would still be full of bereaved parents until midnight!

Were my naysayers in the room?

Nope, but they didn't need to be because clearly, I got my "MoJo" back!!

Can't wait for next week's session. 


Cheapchick said...

Glad to hear it. If you weren't sensitive you wouldn't be any good at your job. I voted for you! Although blogger is doing something weird and I couldn't comment on that post but could on this one. Cheers!!

Chy said...

It is doing something weird. I commented on a post of yours, it was there then it was gone! But thank you for voting and your kind comments. So appreciated in those moments!