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May 14, 2014

Big Decisions.

Spring has finally arrived! The grass is green, trees are budding and the dirt has become swallowed up by the color of tiny flowers pushing their way across the landscape. A beautiful time of year, full of renewal and promise. An inspiring and favorite phase for me.

My world has become vibrant again with the sound of bird song and motorcycles. Yet, during this season of birth and newness, I am bogged down with big decisions. My beloved job is suddenly not stable and there is pressure to move in directions that I'm not comfortable going towards. It's not fear, more of a stubbornness that the plan I've carved out is being questioned and tossed out the door without reasonable investigation. A fight may be brewing but until then, I ponder my options and begin to plan for pulling back programming, against my will.
The beauty of this short season is enough, for now, to keep me uplifted. My hope is that by the end of spring, there will be a more concrete structure for growth and stability. Or plan B will need to be executed!!


Cheapchick said...

I hope things work out with your job, I know it takes a lot out of you but you also seem to get a lot out of it. Flowers and birds - love them!

Chy said...

I'm sure, in the end, it will all work out. I wish I wasn't so passionate about what I do. Makes it that much harder when some one else is trying to change my path. But I am resilient and love a challenge!