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May 18, 2014

Mortgage Free!

I recently read an article from the U.S. that stated that Mortgage Burning Parties had fallen by the way side. And that it wasn't kosher to tell anyone you were mortgage free in this economy, that it is kin to bragging and making others feel worthless. So please excuse my next few lines if you will feel offended in any way. I will offer a sincere apology in advance. 

We are very excited to be just 4 days away from being Mortgage Free! To celebrate, we are having just our family over tomorrow for a burning of the mortgage papers ~ copies but with all the pertinent info on them. Having worked so hard all these years to get to this day, never once missing a payment, always paying more than the set amount so we could get out of it sooner, sacrificing but never feeling house poor, just lucky to be here, we felt it did deserve a regal celebration. Ice cream cake and coolers all around!! Maybe beer for dh!!

It is a relief to have this phase of our life done with. Yes, we are building a new house but the equity in this house and the savings we've accumulated should cover most of the build. If we run over, our plan is a line of credit that would be done quite quickly. This has always been and will always only be our only debt. We did it! Looking forward to lighting these special papers and watching the hot embers burn off into the cool night sky. 

Have you had a celebration 
to mark a financial milestone?


Cheapchick said...

OK, I am sorry if others cannot see being Mortgage free but I see it as a HUGE reason to celebrate! Why not? It was your hard work that got you there, no one elses. I hate being so bloody politically correct that you cannot rejoice in something like this - CONGRATS! All your pennies now go to you - the way it should be.

~Carla~ said...

Oh wow.. congratulations!!! :) Burn away!! lol!

christina neumann said...

Congratulations !!!
What an accomplishment. I sure wish we were there!
Enjoy, and celebrate.

Chy said...

Thank you Cheapchick! We've worked hard to get here and always imagined celebrating. Was slightly taken back by the article I read but we've decided to celebrate anyway.

Chy said...

Burning away tonight Carla. A bit of rain last night kept us from the scheduled burning. But we're set for tonight.

Chy said...

Welcome Christina. Thank you for your visit and comment. You will get there. Takes time but so rewarding in the end. I'm off to read your blog. Looks great!